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How It Started

The inspiration came from the founder’s time as a flight attendant, where she would draw people at the airport, between flights, to maintain her peace of mind.


Raw Figs sprouted as a sanctuary for her, her friends and whomever else seeking to reconnect with their community after having been in lockdown. A place to creatively be in the moment no matter your skill level or where you lie in society’s spectrum.


Though, initially, it was planned to be a short term project, the grand alignment created with the community lead us to proudly continue and take hold of this newfound responsibly through figure drawing.


Now, Raw Figs continues to grow as the leading figure drawing pop-up experience in South Florida.

We push to have most events are donation-based to maintain accessibility and aim to push the boundaries of traditional figure drawing.

Our Why

Our close-knit community strives to provide an accessible, fun, and laid-back environment where anyone can come and explore their artistic potential without any pressure. We believe in creating a safe space where individuals can be completely themselves, welcoming diversity of all kinds.


Our mission is to encourage all spectrums of expertise, even those with none, to dive into figure drawing and to inspire self-confidence while exploring local spots and activities.


We also welcome those with zero modeling experience, providing them the opportunity to be a muse in a supportive and encouraging environment.


Ultimately, our goal is to unlock peace-of-mind, allowing the space for visitors to leave happier, more inspired, and more in tune with their community through coming together to be in the moment.

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